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Behind the Scenes of Macy’s NYC July 4th Fireworks

Behind the Scenes of Macy’s NYC July 4th Fireworks

The Macy’s 41st Annual Fireworks Show was definitely one to remember. This year’s NYC July 4th fireworks display boasted one of the biggest shows to date. With new patterns and colors being added to the display, it was a show worth watching.

And if you didn’t get to catch the show, we have a small snippet of what you missed right here on our Facebook page!

Sure, you watched the show but do know what happened behind the scenes? Check out some fun facts about this year’s show and find out all everything that went into making this show one to remember.

Behind the Scenes of the Macy’s 41st Annual NYC July 4th Fireworks Show

The 41st edition of this NYC July 4th fireworks show featured a 25-minute display with never before seen shells and effects. Over 6 million viewers tuned in to watch this New York City spectacle. This year’s show featured up to 300 shells going off per second at a time! 23 different colors were used in this year’s show from red and amber to titanium and gold. Not only did the show feature new colors, but also 21 new displays which included a Pyro Pixelation Mural that created a USA wall in red, white, and blue letters! New firework displays also included color changing chrysanthemums, purple crackling ghost peonies, orange bees, and pulsing happy faces in 23 bright and popping colors including fuchsia, lemon and aqua.

2,400 different bursts and effects per minute made up the synchronized display that New Yorkers enjoyed. One of the light show effects also reached a peak height of 1,000 feet that’s 3 times higher than the Statue of Liberty! Behind the scenes, 50 pyrotechnicians made sure that the show went on without any technical difficulties. To help coordinate the launch of this huge event, 12 computer firing systems kept things under control. Speaking of computers, the five barges contained a total of 15 miles of wiring that helped to ignite the fireworks! This year’s fireworks show was also choreographed to performances by the West Point Band and Glee Club. The 2017 NYC July 4th fireworks was definitely a sight to witness and if you missed it there’s always next year, where you can enjoy a view with us!

Check out our 2017 event recap here and start planning out 2018’s July Fourth celebration with us in mind so you can enjoy a view of the fireworks just like you see below!

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