July Fourth cruise NYC fireworks view

Best Way to Watch the Fireworks in NYC

July Fourth is less than a week away and it’s time for you to get your fireworks viewing spot picked out. The highlight of celebrating July Fourth is to definitely catch a view of the fireworks with nothing blocking your view. With the Macy’s Fireworks Show looking to be better than it’s ever been, you […]

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Chicago July 4th Fireworks

Catch a View of the Chicago July 4th Fireworks!

Next on our list is none other than the windy city of Chicago! Check out these events and locations and find out where to view the Chicago July 4th fireworks this year! Best Places to View the Chicago July 4th Fireworks 4th Annual Freedom Fest — Navy Pier’s Rooftop The Annual Freedom Fest at the Navy Pier’s […]

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Miami July 4th fireworks

Catch a view of the Miami July 4th Fireworks!

Up next on our list of cities and where to catch a great view of their fireworks is none other than beautiful sunny Miami! South Beach always has a great July 4th fireworks show that you definitely need to enjoy. Check out these locations and events and enjoy the best views of the Miami July […]

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Catch a view of the San Francisco July 4th Fireworks!

Continuing where we left off with the best views of the NYC July 4th fireworks, check out where you should view the San Francisco July 4th fireworks this week! San Francisco is a beautiful city in California with the perfect summer weather and of course, an amazing July 4th fireworks show you won’t want to […]

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NYC July 4th fireworks

Catch a View of the NYC July 4th Fireworks!

Want to catch your city’s best July 4th fireworks display, but aren’t sure where to go? Well, you’re in luck because we will be putting out the best places to see some of your favorite cities’ July 4th fireworks this year! This weekly series post will tell you where to go and the events to be at […]

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Best July Fourth Fireworks Displays in the Country

July Fourth is just around the corner and you know the best part of the holiday and getting to catch an amazing view of the fireworks. The July Fourth fireworks are the staple of the holiday and complete the celebration each year. Not watching the fireworks each year would almost be like not celebrating the […]

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July 4th San Diego Best Places to View the Fireworks

There’s no better way to celebrate July 4th than with ending your night with a beautiful view of the fireworks. The fireworks seem to be the highlight of everyone’s Fourth of July celebration. From the moments leading up to the show and watching each firework hit the sky, the excitement is unmatched. No matter what […]

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