Best July Fourth Fireworks Displays in the Country

July Fourth is just around the corner and you know the best part of the holiday and getting to catch an amazing view of the fireworks. The July Fourth fireworks are the staple of the holiday and complete the celebration each year. Not watching the fireworks each year would almost be like not celebrating the […]

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July Fourth in DC

July Fourth Fun Facts You Didn’t Know

Now, we definitely are no strangers to July Fourth and the celebration that it entails. The streets will be filled with excited people dressed from head to toe in red, white, and blue spreading stars and stripes all throughout the town. The air will be filled with the smells of grills cooking up your favorite […]

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July 4th San Diego Best Places to View the Fireworks

There’s no better way to celebrate July 4th than with ending your night with a beautiful view of the fireworks. The fireworks seem to be the highlight of everyone’s Fourth of July celebration. From the moments leading up to the show and watching each firework hit the sky, the excitement is unmatched. No matter what […]

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July Fourth Declaration of Independence

July Fourth and Why We Celebrate

July Fourth is perhaps one of the biggest holidays celebrated throughout the year. This holiday brings families and friends together to celebrate the birth of our nation. Many people will come together to celebrate this holiday no matter where they spend the day. Every year, we celebrate this holiday, but do we really know the […]

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Places to View the NYC July 4th Fireworks

You’re in New York City for July 4th and not only are you looking for something to do for the day, but you also need the perfect viewpoint for the fireworks as soon as they go off. Celebrating your July 4th in NYC is not only going to be fun, but also unforgettable. In order to celebrate […]

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San Francisco July 4th

San Francisco July 4th Events

Celebrate your San Francisco July 4th day with one of these traditional events. You are going to enjoy an amazing time at one of these events. San Francisco is going to take care of your plans for the day. Whether you want an event for your family or just your friends there is something going on. […]

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NYC July 4th Fireworks- The Macy’s Celebration

Celebrating July 4th in New York City is nothing but fun and memorable. With the right company and the perfect environment, your July 4th festivities are sure to be successful. You’re for sure going to enjoy your holiday, whether you’re out just enjoying the day or attending an event, especially when you’re in NYC. Besides all of […]

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July 4th Fireworks in NYC

Macy’s July 4th Fireworks in NYC- The Fun Facts

The Macy’s July 4th fireworks show, properly known as the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular is one of the biggest events for the July 4th fireworks in NYC. This huge event draws in crowds of many people from the city and all over. The show got its start in 1958 and has grown into a huge spectacle […]

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4th of July fireworks

Best 4th of July Fireworks Display by City

4th of July Fireworks in New York City: No matter where you go in NYC, there’s guaranteed to be a 4th of July event that will give you a view of the fireworks. There are many places to view the fireworks, whether on a rooftop or close near the water. You can see the fireworks […]

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