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Have a Great Fourth of July in These Cities

Have a Great Fourth of July in These Cities

Nobody can resist great BBQ and fireworks, especially here in the U-S-of-A. Which is why we’ve made our nation’s birthday the biggest celebration of fried foods and colorful explosives imaginable. You’ll find all types of unique ways to celebrate the fourth of July in cities all across the country. Take a look at how the US celebrates its birthday across the map!

San Diego

San Francisco, California

With so many sights to see, it’s no wonder San Francisco is a destination for travelers and vacationers around the world. The City By The Bay is certainly known for its colorful, beautiful aesthetics,  so it’s no surprise they go all out for their annual independence day celebrations. The heart of which is in the Fisherman’s Wharf district. Celebrate the 4th with live music and street performances at PIER 39 and Ghirardelli Square. The showcase leads up to an amazing display of sparks and flare over the San Francisco skyline accompanied by the view of the Golden Gate Bridge. For America’s birthday, the city has a lot to offer for patriotic party goers and thrill seekers, you could hop aboard and set sail on The Fume Blanc Commodore and enjoy a night of drinks, dancing, and fireworks at the SpeakEasy Cruise.

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Chicago, Illinois

Start off July 4th the right way, midnight July 3rd on The Midnight Independence Yacht Party  aboard the Odyssey Yacht and party your way into July 4th morning. After that, if you can manage to wake up early, you can enjoy a nice day out in Chicago. Beginning with a lovely, old-fashioned Picnic and Parade on 4th and 53rd that ends at Nicholas park. From there you can go over to Shedd Aquarium for their weekly “Jazzin’ at the Shedd” showcase and get a chance to hear one of America’s purest art forms live. After that, hop on the Navy Pier trolley and head to the absolutely amazing Navy Pier fireworks show.

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fourth of july

New York City, New York

The big apple goes even bigger for the fourth of July. The city has a few ceremonial traditions such as the world-famous Nathan’s Hotdog eating contest, where, you guessed it, professional eaters from around the world take center stage in Coney Island to devour weiners at breakneck speeds. There’s also The Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks show, which you can enjoy on a Yacht, away from the crowded city streets. A city well known for showcasing the best in upcoming talent, you might just find your new favorite singer or comedian at the special 4th of July “Amature Night” at the Apollo.

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Nashville, Tennessee

Ah Nashville, home to some of the best musicians, and spiciest chicken in American history. What’s not to love?! Ol’e Music City knows how to have a good time for America’s B-day. For 11 years, the city’s premier fireworks and music festival, aptly titled Music City July 4th has put on performances by the biggest and best names across all genres of music. But that’s not enough for Nashville, they also had to go and have another festival. The Annual Music City Hot Chicken Festival is a fare dedicated to all things hot chicken. Huge lines form around vendors as spicy chicken lovers get a peak at the latest innovations in poultry.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A city so historic, they have a whole district filled with national landmarks. From the Liberty Bell, to independence hall, to Betsy Ross’s house; you can’t throw a rock (and you probably shouldn’t anyway) without hitting something historic in Philly. For almost three decades, The WaWa Welcome America festival has Philadelphia taking the Fourth of July to the next level. A series of music performances, family fun activities, multicultural showcases, and free museum days all leading up to a spectacular fireworks show and concert on July 4th. Of course, any patriot in Philly should start their fourth of July morning at the Celebration of Freedom Ceremony and USA Independence Day Parade on Independence Hall and Chestnut Street.