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July 4th BBQ Essentials

July 4th BBQ Essentials

Here in The States, we appreciate a good BBQ; which is why we generally love going all out on good eats for America’s birthday. Planning the perfect July 4th BBQ can be pretty hectic, so here are a few essentials you need to get down for an amazing Fourth of July.

Can’t Have A Party Without The Space

Look, we’ve planned plenty of events in our day, so believe us when we say this, Rule number 0.001 of planning a party; MAKE SURE YOU’VE GOT THE SPACE. This means making sure you’ve got a spot that’s cozy and spacious enough to have everyone you want at your shindig. So if you’ve got a small back and more guests than you can count, you might want to consider some alternatives that might pique your interest.

Once you’ve got that all settled, it’s time to make everything look nice. Decorations are key in giving your BBQ that extra 4th of July spark. You could go one of two ways, super festive, or extremely festive. There really isn’t any in between; real patriots understand. We all should know the color scheme, red, white, and blue.

Pretty simple, right? All you need is some tablecloths, balloons, and plastic kitchenware within that scheme; even better if you can find ones with stars and stripes in the designs. Go even more all out with color-coordinated treats like cupcakes, wrapped candies, or of course, everyone’s favorite, jello shots. Oh, and while we’re at it, let’s make something clear. Ice Cream/frozen treats are a necessity!

July 4th BBQ
Indeed a necessity

The July 4th BBQ Provisions

Speaking of treats, it goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway; you can’t have a good barbeque without good BBQ. And if your July 4th BBQ has anything, it needs to have the basics right. That’s burgers (homemade if possible), hot dogs, grilled chicken, and it’s a toss-up between steaks and ribs.

Now, in this day and age of intense trendy diets, rampant veganism, and general health consciousness, it may be a little tricky getting a menu together that appeases all your guests. If you’ve got a guest list of picky-eaters, fret not. You don’t have to prepare some sort of lavish feasts with every possible food group imaginable just to make sure you BBQ’s not a bust.

July 4th BBQ Ideas

We’d suggest perhaps slimming down that menu and focusing on having a few delicious core items that mostly everyone can enjoy. Think mac and cheese, coleslaw and cornbread. There are plenty of tasty meat alternatives for vegans and vegetarians alike. Roasted watermelon, vegan burger patties, and some baked beans never hurt anyone.

Here’s a pro tip; you know, you shouldn’t put ALL the stress on yourself when planning an epic July 4th BBQ.  If you’re worried about variety, or lack thereof at your July 4th BBQ, perhaps it’d be best to require each guest bring a food item; and specifically a food item. This is perfect for 2 reasons; one, it gives you more room to work on other aspects of your party, and two, it’s very rare that someone will bring a food item they themselves won’t eat.

But if you’re not the party-planner type

We know everyone’s not a party planner, and that’s no problem. Thankfully, you’ve come across the party pros, we hold nothing back when it comes to July 4th. We’re in some of the best cities across the country throwing the best July 4th parties. Filled with great food, an amazing atmosphere, and top tier views of the best July 4th fireworks shows out there. Take a look through our catalog of pier side events, party cruises, and more.