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July 4th San Diego Best Places to View the Fireworks

July 4th San Diego Best Places to View the Fireworks

There’s no better way to celebrate July 4th than with ending your night with a beautiful view of the fireworks. The fireworks seem to be the highlight of everyone’s Fourth of July celebration. From the moments leading up to the show and watching each firework hit the sky, the excitement is unmatched. No matter what age you may be, the fireworks will always put a smile on your face. To help make your July 4th San Diego plans a little easier, we have put together some of the best spots to view the show. Don’t miss out on the July 4th San Diego fireworks this year and enjoy the best views at one of these locations!

July 4th San Diego Firework Displays


Shelter Island

One of the most popular areas to view the fireworks would have to be Shelter Island. The area is usually filled up and closed by 1 p.m. so make sure to get there early! Once you’re on Shelter Island, you can enjoy some of the restaurants there or just the view of the harbor. There are also restaurants and hotels that are sponsors of San Diego’s “Big Bay Boom,” which will offer July 4th deals. To view the restaurants participating, click here and to view the hotels, click here. Shelter Island also offers free shuttle services provided by Old Town Trolley Shuttle for guests who wish to attend the viewing. Shelter Island is going to give you the best view of the fireworks that o off from the San Diego Bay.

Harbor Island

Harbor Island is another popular July 4th San Diego fireworks viewing spot that also fills up and closes by the afternoon. From Harbor Island, you will get a great view of the fireworks that are launched from the barge nearby. Harbor Island also has restaurants and hotels that are sponsors of the Big Bay Boom. To view the restaurant and hotel specials for Harbor Island, click here. There will also be free shuttle transportation provided by Goldfield Stage. It is recommended that guests take advantage of this free service due to the heavy attendance that is expected. If you would like to view the July 4th San Diego specials offered at Harbor Island, click here.

North Embarcadero

The area between Grape Street to Broadway including the B Street Pier and Broadway Pier is available for viewing. Though this area will have a large attendance, it won’t be closed out. There are many different areas for you to park for the day such as various lots and streets from Harbor Drive to Pacific Highway. If you’re going to be in the area from Broadway to the Headquarters “Old Police Station” complex, then you will enjoy an excellent view. The Midway Aircraft Carrier will also host a special family-friendly ticketed event to enjoy your July 4th celebration. From the carrier, you will enjoy the closest and best view possible so make sure to get your tickets by clicking here! There will also be July 4th specials being held at North Embarcadero, to view those click here.

Other July 4th San Diego Locations

There are many other locations to catch a great view of the fireworks if you’re not looking to rush anywhere. Seaport Village and South Embarcadero down to the San Diego Hilton Bayside Hotel will offer you great views of the fireworks. The Seaport Village is located between two different firework barges guaranteeing you an amazing show if you’re in the area. Seaport village also has restaurants in the area and will offer parking specials throughout the day if you’re driving.

Another great spot is the Coronado Ferry Landing shopping area. Parking in this area will be fairly easily with the shopping center’s parking and the vicinity in general. This area may get crowded and filled quickly so it’s best to either arrive early or prepare to be in a large crowd. From the shopping area, you can find many different viewing options for the show. Search around for your perfect spot and get ready for an unforgettable July 4th San Diego night with your view!

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