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Why We Celebrate July Fourth

Why We Celebrate July Fourth

July Fourth is perhaps one of the biggest holidays celebrated throughout the year. This holiday brings families and friends together to celebrate the birth of our nation. Many people will come together to celebrate this holiday no matter where they spend the day. Every year, we celebrate this holiday, but do we really know the reason why we celebrate this day? July Fourth is a huge day in the history of the United States of America. Get to know more about this great national holiday and why we celebrate it each and every year.

July Fourth History:

The July Fourth holiday did not come about until its establishment in 1776. On July 4th, 1776 the Thirteen Colonies formed the United States of America by gaining its independence from England. This legal separation between the Thirteen Colonies and Great Britain actually took place on July 2nd. However, the Declaration of Independence went through many revisions over the two days until its final approval on July 4th. The Declaration of Independence established the nation’s desire for unity and separation from British Rule. July Fourth marks the day that our nation was born and gained its independence. This holiday is more than just a day to catch a view of the fireworks. The celebration of the holiday is to remember that our nation was not always as free and unified as we know it today.


July Fourth Past-Celebrations of Independence:

July Fourth celebrations can be traced all the way back to the 18th century. The first celebration of Independence occurred in Philadelphia on July 4th, 1777. Pre-Revolutionary Fourth of July celebrations included the ringing of bells, bonfires, processions and speechmaking. People would celebrate the nation’s freedom from British Rule by gathering together and enjoying these celebrations every July 4th. Mock funerals for King George III were also held to celebrate and symbolize the end of the monarchy’s hold on America. These celebrations would also include concerts, bonfires, parades and the firing of cannons and muskets with the first public readings of the Declaration of Independence after its adoption.

The July Fourth celebrations continued throughout the years to commemorate America’s independence. With Americans continuing these Independence Day celebrations, the nation’s new political leaders were allowed to address citizens and create a sense of unity amongst the people. The Fourth of July established independence for America and united its people. Today, we still celebrate the holiday, but many people may not know exactly why we celebrate it. The celebration of July 4th is meant to be a celebration of unity and freedom for the American people.

July Fourth Celebrations Today:

Today’s celebration of July 4th is filled with nothing but fun events all around. People will typical dress up in red, white, and blue with some sort of stars and stripes being incorporated into their wardrobe. The ways that people celebrate this holiday vary from festivals, parades, barbecues, and firework shows. The fireworks are the highlight of a July Fourth celebration. People love to watch the fireworks fill the sky with their loved ones close by. This celebration shows how the idea of unity is still present in today’s celebration. Everyone gathers together to watch this spectacle every single year no matter where they may be. The best way to celebrate July Fourth is an amazing event surrounded by the people you love most. If you want to check out unforgettable July 4th events going on this year to celebrate, click here.

July Fourth will always mark the birth of our nation, however, it is important to always remember our reason for celebrating. The holiday serves as a remembrance of our nation becoming free and independent. Through the Declaration of Independence, the country that we know today was born. Every time you celebrate the Fourth of July, remember that you are celebrating the fact that our nation is independent and free.

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