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July Fourth Fun Facts You Didn’t Know

July Fourth Fun Facts You Didn’t Know

Now, we definitely are no strangers to July Fourth and the celebration that it entails. The streets will be filled with excited people dressed from head to toe in red, white, and blue spreading stars and stripes all throughout the town. The air will be filled with the smells of grills cooking up your favorite July 4th dishes. Then, of course, you’ll end the night with a view of the July Fourth fireworks that will wrap up the holiday the same way it does each year. We may know all about July Fourth and the reason why we celebrate, but here are some fun facts that you may have never known about the Fourth of July!

July Fourth Fun Facts

Other Countries Celebrate the Fourth

America isn’t the only country to celebrate their independence on July
Fourth. Other countries also share this date as their day of independence. Rwanda celebrates what they call “Liberation Day” to commemorate the end of the Rwandan genocide. On July 4th, 1994, the Rwandan Patriotic Front gained control of the capital city of Kigali creating a turning point in the war. The Philippines also used to celebrate their independence on July Fourth up until 1962 when the date was switched to June 12.

Not a National Holiday Until 1870

Americans were observing and celebrating July Fourth as early as 1777, however, the holiday was not nationally recognized. The first major celebration occurred in Philadelphia, which included a parade, a thirteen-shot cannon salute, and fireworks. Americans celebrated the holiday year after year and Congress officially recognized July Fourth as a holiday in 1870. July Fourth gained its federal recognition from a bill that passed and recognized major state holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s Day on a federal level.

John Adams Never Celebrated July Fourth

John Adams believed that America should have celebrated the day that Congress voted to approve the Declaration of Independence, which was on July 2nd. The Declaration of Independence underwent many revisions until its final approval on July Fourth. Adams believed this because the colonies truly broke free from Great Britain rule on July 2nd . However, this idea never became true and July Fourth was and is still celebrated despite the approval of the Declaration on July 2nd.

Presidents Have Died on July Fourth

A few of our presidents have actually passed away on July Fourth. Two presidents, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, both died within hours of each other on the 50th anniversary of Independence Day. The both of them also signed the Declaration of Independence. James Monroe who died five years later also shares the same death anniversary as the two presidents.

Largest Hot Dog Eating Day in America

The National Sausage and Hot Dog Council (NHDSC) estimates that Americans will eat 150 million hot dogs over July Fourth alone. This day accounts for the 20 billion hot dogs that Americans are estimated to consume throughout the entire year! Americans also consume about 750 million pounds of chicken and up to 190 million pounds of red meat and pork.

One of the Largest Beer Sales Days

It was estimated that on July 4th, 2016 Americans were expected to buy $1 billion worth of beer. It is also America’s top beer-drinking holiday. In 2014, over 22.8 million cases of beer were purchased during the Fourth of July weekend. These numbers were expected to be even higher in 2016 due to a marketing campaign by Anheuser-Busch (BUD). The company replaced the word “Budweiser” with “America” on its 12 oz. bottles and cans throughout the summer until Election Day.

The Nation Has Grown Tremendously

On the first July Fourth, it was reported that the country had a population of 2.5 million people. Today, it is reported that the country now has a population of over 326 million people! The nation has grown significantly in the many years since its separation from Great Britain Rule. Our nation will continue to grow throughout the years. What will continue to be present in each generation is the freedom and love that we share on July Fourth.

Largest July Fourth Fireworks Display

Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular show in New York City is recognized as one of the largest firework displays in the country. The show has gone on for many years now since starting in 1958. Over 3 million people view this show annually either in person or live on television. The show is a 25 minute long July Fourth spectacle using 50,000 different effects. The largest Macy’s fireworks show to date occurred in 2000. This show included 60,000 firework shells being launched from 13 barges surrounding New York City!

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Macy's July Fourth Fireworks NYC