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San Francisco July 4th Events

San Francisco July 4th Events

Celebrate your San Francisco July 4th day with one of these traditional events. You are going to enjoy an amazing time at one of these events. San Francisco is going to take care of your plans for the day. Whether you want an event for your family or just your friends there is something going on. Have a look at one these San Francisco July 4th events and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

San Francisco July 4th Events to Catch the Fireworks


Pier 39 Fireworks

You will receive an amazing view of the fireworks from Pier 39. Every year, Pier 39 is one of the top destinations to view the fireworks. Pier 39 hosts special July 4th events every year. Just this year for 2016, guests at Pier 39 were able to view special exhibits for half of the day. After viewing the exhibits, the Bay Area’s favorite cover band, Tainted Love Band, performed a special show! Once you enjoy the festivities going on at the pier, you’re in for a treat. Your night is going to end with one of the best views of the fireworks that you could get! Look to the sky and watch as the San Francisco July 4th fireworks burst and paint the night sky.


Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf celebrates the holiday with a big celebration every year as well. As well as celebrating the holiday, you can also get great views of the fireworks from the wharf. There will be live entertainment and music for you to enjoy at Fisherman’s Wharf as you celebrate. Spend your day at Fisherman’s Wharf and treat yourself to something new for the day. After you’ve explored Fisherman’s Wharf and all that it has to offer, make your way to one of these spots to get a good view of the fireworks. You can enjoy the fireworks from Aquatic Park, Pier 39, or Ghirardelli Park. If you want to get the most out of your San Francisco July 4th holiday, then you need to be at Fisherman’s Wharf.


Municipal Pier Fireworks

Another great place to view the San Francisco July 4th fireworks is the Municipal Pier. Visitors and locals flock to this pier every year to get a perfect view of the fireworks. The city sets off fireworks every year from the end of Municipal Pier. Although this isn’t your typical spot to celebrate July 4th, you won’t get a view of the fireworks like you will from here. You have to be at Pier 7 in order to get a beautiful view of the Municipal Pier fireworks. This great spot is the perfect place to get pictures of the fireworks that you’re sure to love. You will be front and center for the San Francisco July 4th fireworks as they paint the night sky with different colors! Don’t miss out on this great view of the fireworks, as people will be arriving here early!


San Francisco July 4th Cruise

San Francisco July 4th fireworks

To truly enjoy July 4th, you have to try a San Francisco July 4th cruise! These cruises give you everything that you need for a great celebration. Every year, there are cruises setting sail through San Francisco to celebrate the holiday. You are going to sail through the city and get views of San Francisco and its major landmarks that you won’t get anywhere else. As you sail, these cruises are going to give you the ultimate party experience. You are going to enjoy a live DJ as you sail and a bar on board to order drinks at! Not only are you going to enjoy this party, but also your cruise is going to give you an amazing view of the fireworks. Watch as the fireworks fill the sky in front of you! Get on board one of these cruises for your San Francisco July 4th!